Three Reasons to Upgrade Your School Security Cameras

School Security

From an elementary school laying the basic foundation of lifelong development to a university where the next generation of leaders is preparing to make their impact on the world, the primary focus of every educational campus is to provide an environment for learning.

To create that environment, there are a number of basic needs that must be met first, including safety. To focus on learning and teaching, the students, instructors, and staff who enter the environment every day need to know their safety is a priority. Over the years, that’s led to a number of technological advancements in schools, including the use of school security cameras.

As is the case with all technology, security camera technology has come a long way since its first inception. Today, many campuses are still using legacy equipment that isn’t living up to the standard of what’s possible. As a result, physical servers are being bogged down, bandwidth is depleted, and there’s too much intervention required from an already overtaxed IT team. These are just a few of the signs your video surveillance system is due for an upgrade.

In this blog, we’re going to explore why many educational institutions are taking advantage of new technology in school security cameras from our technology partner Verkada to ensure safer environments for learners, instructors, and other staff.

Reason #1: Simpler to Set Up and Use

If you remember the installation of your current video security system, the headaches and time required to get it into place might be your primary objection to replacing it. With the Verkada system, you no longer need network or digital video recorders. As a cloud-based solution, Verkada school security cameras are brought online instantly with a single ethernet cable. There are no technical configurations or downloads required.

Better yet, the Verkada system eliminates the IT team’s role as middleman. Footage is directly accessible by the school administrators who need it, without IT intervention. If an incident needs to be reviewed by a principal, they have searchable access to the footage at their fingertips. Authorized users can quickly access and share footage with other authorized users on any device. As a result, both academic and IT staff are spending less time on security management and more time focused on student success and well-being.

Reason #2: Infinite Scalability in Your School Security Cameras

Verkada’s school security systems are designed to grow as your needs change. Their cloud-based nature eliminates the need for dedicated physical server space. That means if your district or campus builds a new building, security surveillance can be added to the system without compromising performance elsewhere. If there’s a need for cameras that wasn’t previously identified or accounted for, adding a camera to the system is as simple as finding an open ethernet port.

Whether you’re deploying 10 cameras or 300, you will have reliable access to high-quality video surveillance without an excessive investment of cost or time.

Reason #3: Eliminate Manual Updates and Minimize Vulnerability

Security is a game of evolving standards. Today’s best practices could be exposed as vulnerabilities tomorrow. So “set it and forget it” doesn’t really work. With traditional CCTV security systems, there are always firmware and software updates that someone must stay on top of and install to ensure the security system is living up to the latest changes and standards.

Verkada’s school security systems do away with manual updates and open ports that create vulnerability. The Verkada school security solution deploys the highest encryption standards and security enhancements automatically and at no added cost, ensuring you are always up-to-date with the latest in security regulations and policy.

Applied Technologies is Creating Safer Schools

The Applied Technologies team knows that reliable, scalable, and accessible video surveillance is essential to providing an effective environment for learning. That’s why we partner with Verkada to implement cloud-based video security solutions to schools in the communities we serve.

If you’re ready to explore your options, or even have questions about the technology and capabilities available, lean on our team as your go-to resource. Contact us today at 314-274-8000 or [email protected] to take the first steps to a more secure campus with school security cameras from Verkada.