Minimize your risk and protect the information you need to keep secure.


Do you currently have an information leakage detection and prevention (ILD&P) program in place? Whether you work for a publicly traded or a privately held company, it’s important to define your security posture and areas of data vulnerability. What types of information do you need and want to protect? Maybe its employee records, payroll information and customer data or maybe you process credit card information. Whatever the information, Applied Technologies can help minimize your risk and help protect the data you need to keep secure.

Security Analysis


Security Focus


Protect your business assets from harm
• Access
• Email Security
• Policy
• Firewall
• Intrusion Prevention Systems
• Security Management
• Malware Protection
• Router Security
• Web Security
• VPN Security Clients

Our approach to network security
We identify your top security concerns. Our experienced engineers provide industry knowledge that help you meet codes, government, and industry regulation requirements. We review available security technology, identify best practices (including how often you should complete a security audit or assessment) and determine the best security approach for your business.

We utilize several security audit tools including the comprehensive open-source security testing methodology manual (OSSTMM). We conduct a full risk and vulnerability assessment and present you with a security report card. We’ll advise what additional steps are required to meet compliance. Then we’ll discuss available options and recommended technologies to help lock down your network.

For more information contact us at or call 636.274.8000 to discuss your business security requirements with one of our Account Mangers or Practice Leaders.

Security Technology Partners:
• HPE/Aruba
• Cisco
• Microsoft