Powering Digital Transformation

Powering digital transformation.

Applied Technologies is an advanced technology company that architects, implements and supports customized technology solutions for real world business needs.

Superior processes and methods

Superior processes and methods.

Our approach to each project ensures our customers achieve a successful outcome.  Ask about our five step process.


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Industry 4.0

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Beyond Myths: Mastering Cybersecurity in Manufacturing with Applied Technologies

Unveiling the Truth About Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security The integration of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) isn’t just a trend—it’s a transformation. At Applied Technologies, we understand that embracing this change brings complex cybersecurity challenges. This post debunks common myths about ICS cybersecurity, highlighting our tailored solutions that ensure your operations are […]

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Securing Tomorrow: The Art of Merging OT and IT for Superior Cybersecurity in Manufacturing

The Fusion of Operational and Information Technologies In the vibrant world of manufacturing, blending Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) transcends trend—it’s a strategic imperative. This union not only drives operational agility and sparks innovation but also ramps up the complexity of network management and cybersecurity. It’s our mission at Applied Technologies to ensure […]

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Security Threat

A Network Security Assessment Is Your First Step to Defend Against a Cyber-Attack

The statistics around cyber security depict a challenging landscape for businesses of all sizes. Hundreds of millions of consumers have been impacted by data breaches over the last year, and the cost for companies to recover from an attack can skyrocket into the billions of dollars. While the big companies such as Equifax, Target and […]

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