It’s all about maximizing your guest’s experience.

Winning is everything! Equally, how you play this game really counts.  Your business is dependent on delivering a better guest experience than your competition, and your technology infrastructure makes all the difference.

The Hospitality and Gaming business is rooted in your ability to deliver a professional, consistent experience to your customers at all hours of the day or night.  Technology is playing a more significant role in the customer experience in a myriad of ways, from guest Wi-Fi to digital menus in cafes and restaurants, to mobility-enabled staff who walk the floor and make sure your guests receive quick and pleasant service.

The bottom line is there is no end in sight for continued growth of these technology-based tools, services and applications that support your guest experience.

We have years of experience in hospitality and gaming, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and expectations of your customers.  More importantly, we are uniquely qualified to help you design, deploy and manage your technical architecture (network, data center, security, voice, etc.) to meet today’s demands.

Solving today’s challenges.

  • Provide a robust customer experience
  • Scale quickly to support the explosion of web-based applications
  • Connect everything and remove silos
  • Remove single points of failure
  • Minimize security risks and exposure
  • Provide seamless, consistent wireless for guests


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