Collaboration is about human-to-human interaction anytime, anywhere through applications and tools.

CollaborationEnabling this on-demand, real-time communication through voice, video, web conference, instant messaging, and social media is a significant business challenge.

We can help.  We will educate you on the best-in-class tools and techniques, and then help you understand the business justification as you weigh the benefits and costs.  Once decisions are made, you can feel confident that our team of professionals will design and implement with expertise and commitment.

Effective use of collaborative technologies is a proven way to improve customer and employee experiences as well as productivity throughout your organization.

We design, integrate and deploy multiple collaboration technologies providing effective and efficient collaboration for any situation.

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Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS)

Our Focus

Create a holistic business conference that connects individuals through text, voice, video or screen sharing, enabling employees to share new ideas and breakthroughs in a time sensitive manner.

Instant messaging allows employees to connect with and make contributions to their team from any device by giving them access to presence, text, voice, video communications, desktop sharing and conferencing.  When your team is empowered to collaborate, productivity soars.

Improve engagement beyond the conference room through networked video solutions.  Show off digital signage, share software tutorials and integrate advertisements to create an easy to operate, holistic, networked digital platform.

By integrating your IP communication practices into a unified solution collaboration becomes more efficient and cost effective all while maintaining the same set of hardware, improving sound quality and encouraging faster problem-solving practices to flourish.

By integrating your communication mediums such voice, video, instant messaging, email, etc. to work for you, we make working together simple.  Miss a call? Read the voicemail through your email. Having a hard time describing a concept over instant messaging?  Escalate it to a voice call all through the same platform.  Unifying your communications makes cooperation simplified, intuitive, and mobile.

Save time, the frustration of travel and company resources with HD video conferencing systems.  Through a wide variety of endpoints, our video conferencing solutions from software to entire conferencing rooms, give individuals all the benefits of an in-person, collaborative meeting through a virtual platform.

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