Eliminate vulnerabilities.  Ensure enterprise-wide physical security.  Maintain regulatory compliance.

Committed to helping cultivators and manufacturers in the medical cannabis industry identify and implement best-in-class network and physical security solutions for their business.

Your business venture invites a lot of potential risk.  The demands on your operation are great.  Digital security, data back-up, monitoring, identification and documentation is vital to your ongoing success.

Achieve your security and compliance objectives with us.  We can help you protect assets, secure your facility and monitor employee activities.  Applied Technologies offers a complete solution for your operation.  Our portfolio includes technology integration solutions in security, access, data center, collaboration, managed services and much more.  Our team of certified technology professionals can help you implement solutions, from industry-leading technology manufacturers, that make you more secure, competitive and provide you access to information to make faster and more informed business decisions.

Our goal, to help you create a safer and more secure cultivation and/or manufacturing environment. This includes physical security, network security, as well as managed services to ensure there is no interruption in your business operations.


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Medical Cannabis

Network Security and Your Medical Cannabis Facility

If you’re starting a medical cannabis business, you may be swamped with various considerations. “Where should it be located?”, “What staff will I need?” or “How will I set up the facility” are all important questions best answered by those with experience. When considering network and physical security and your ability to meet and/or exceed […]

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Security Threat

A Network Security Assessment Is Your First Step to Defend Against a Cyber-Attack

The statistics around cyber security depict a challenging landscape for businesses of all sizes. Hundreds of millions of consumers have been impacted by data breaches over the last year, and the cost for companies to recover from an attack can skyrocket into the billions of dollars. While the big companies such as Equifax, Target and […]

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Managed Services

Managed Services Help Solve IT and Business Challenges

Every day, IT professionals face a difficult balancing act. They must focus on planning and deploying technologies to optimize corporate growth and profitability, while at the same time manage the challenge of operating and optimizing highly-complex, integrated, multi- vendor, multi-platform environments. Managed Services can be a viable tool to help you achieve the right balance […]

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