Bridge the Information Technology (IT) & Operations Technology (OT) Gap


Conventional manufacturing approaches are no longer helping companies achieve their desired business goals and objectives. Looking at business processes, networks and plant floor operations as independent silos is no longer efficient.


Although Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) Managers have individual roles and responsibilities, many of them share common business concerns and challenges.

• Improved product traceability
• Access to real-time information
• Increased visibility
• Adapting to a recent merger or acquisition
• Shrinking knowledge base
• Reduced time to market
• Consolidation of data
• Integration of shop floor and top floor data

Most executives understand what’s required to achieve automation and network improvements to implement smart manufacturing into their operations. However, they continually face the challenge of getting IT and Engineering to work together to accomplish common business goals and objectives.

At Applied Technologies we help remove this barrier by integrating our Network IT and Engineering experts into a professional services team focused on creating smart manufacturing solutions for your business.

Manufacturing 2.0

How you apply technology can be as important as the technology you integrate into your manufacturing environment.

Smart manufacturing is the foundation of a connected enterprise where devices and processes can be continually monitored and optimized. These systems represent the integration of key productivity factors of automation, operations information, and advanced analytics creating systems that interact with one another. We evaluate all levels of your technology infrastructure and make best practice recommendations that will prepare your company for future business requirements. From assessment to implementation we can create a technology strategy and support you throughout your entire smart manufacturing journey.

Infrastructure Model

Infrastructure Model

Smart manufacturing helps companies:
• Virtualize the plant floor
• Increase manufacturing mobility
• Access manufacturing intelligence

This is a great time and place to start your digital transformation. We can help you identify your current capabilities, develop an IoT/IIoT technology roadmap and timeline to achieve desired results and implement a defined solution.

Options include:
• Discovery
• Security
• Industrial computing
• Implementation services
• Industrial networking
• Plant floor virtualization

For more information contact us at or call 636.274.8000 to discuss your smart manufacturing requirements with one of our Account Mangers or Practice Leaders.

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