Are you properly positioned for digital transformation?

Your company’s journey to digitally transform your manufacturing location or enterprise doesn’t have to be complex, costly, or completed all at once.  But it needs to be an essential part of your current business strategy that aligns to both near term business objectives and the vision of your holistic digital transformation.

Like most manufacturers, you are likely focused on cutting costs, managing your supply chain, dealing with workforce challenges amid increased demand for what you make today and a desire to enhance or expand your offerings.

Just keeping pace with today’s challenges has prevented many manufacturing leaders from building out their digital transformation strategy.

In some cases, previous investments may not have delivered the real business value that was originally anticipated creating a higher risk perception to change.

Finally, there are so many new technologies and companies attempting to position their Industry 4.0 solutions that it is a difficult to understand what moves to make.

Five Common Pitfalls to Scaling Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Supporting Your Digital Transformation Journey

Let us be your partner in developing a personalized Industry 4.0 strategy.

We have a long history of successfully helping manufacturers leverage technology to transform their operations and deliver measurable value to their bottom line.  Our approach is simple, we meet our clients wherever they are currently within their digital transformation.

We help align your strategic priorities to achievable outcomes that will become the foundation of your overall transformation.  We combine our own expertise with that of our unique strategic System Integrator partners to deliver a scalable executable roadmap with the sole intent of providing real business value.

Attend one of our complimentary Digital Transformation Discovery Workshops to learn more about how we can support your digital transformation journey.

Digital Transformation Discovery Workshop

A Digital Transformation Discovery Workshop is an activity hosted by our Digital Transformation/Industry 4.0 subject matter experts that aims to put key stakeholders together for the specific purpose of ideating and defining the highest value and most achievable digital transformation initiatives, macro requirements and expected business outcomes.

Applied Technologies recognizes that what often holds manufacturers back from taking the first step in their digital transformation journey is uncertainty about making the right decisions that will truly move the needle for their operation.  So, we’ve developed a complimentary Digital Transformation Discovery Workshop designed to uncover the business outcomes that matter most for your organization.  We understand that your journey is unique to your organization based on your current state and desired future state and must incorporate the impact of people, process, and technology.  The output of the workshop will help you prioritize your best Digital Transformation initiative options based on business impact, feasibility and scalability.

We will work with you to schedule a (2-4) hour onsite or virtual meeting with (2-3) Subject Matter Experts from Applied Technologies, Agilix Solutions and key client stakeholders from Operations, IT and Engineering.  To help optimize the meeting, we provide a (4) question pre-workshop survey that we ask each of the client participants to complete.  We estimate the survey will take between 15-30 minutes for each participant to complete.

The structure of the workshop contains four segments:

1) Review of pre-workshop survey
2) Ideation phase
3) Prioritization phase
4) Recommendation and Next Steps

Talk to a Digital Transformation Expert

Ready to learn more about the technology options available to your business or organization, contact one of our experts at [email protected] or call 636.274.8000.  Or request a consultation with an Applied Technologies team member to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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