We saw an unfilled manufacturing requirement and decided to do something about it…


SignPost is a cloud-based intelligence solution that provides real-time, contextually-relevant information necessary to improve overall operations efficiency.


This cloud-based manufacturing intelligence offering, is an example of our unique thinking and approach to real-time problems faced by manufacturing organizations. With SignPost, we tap into your available production data with our powerful data analysis engine and then leverage the cloud to present real-time, relevant contextual information to any internet enabled device.

Real-time Business Intelligence… Made Easy

In basically every step of your production process, automation data is being generated. In a perfect world, you would be able to use that data to make decisions that enable your organization to achieve its goals. However, in most cases, it is much easier to generate data than it is to effective collect and use.

Solutions exist to aggregate, transform and provide context to this data, empowering your organization and enabling you to make better, faster decisions, achieve a competitive advantage and improve operational performance.

The problem, until now, is that these solutions required a substantial investment, an 18-month timeline, and a multi-disciplined project team. We’ll…until now.

SignPost from Applied Technologies, is a cloud-based intelligence solution that will immediately enable you to improve the efficiency of your operations, is easily affordable and can be quickly provisioned.

Visibility for Improved Management & Oversight
Real-time business intelligence at your fingertips. In an instant you will have insight into your operations and see the level of detail that is important to you. We call it contextual relevance. SignPost presents vibrant, fully customized dashboards so your information is simple to understand and visually robust.

Highly Affordable Solution
Most organizations who have implemented intelligence solutions have undertaken these projects as capital initiatives. These types of projects generally require substantial capital investment, a significant timeframe to implement and include hardware software and implementation teams to get up and running.

With SignPost there is nothing to own, implement or manage. It’s a subscription-based offering that delivers both simply and affordably. No hardware costs. No software costs. No maintenance cost.

Access Anywhere, Anytime, by Any Internet Device
If you can access a web browser, you will be able to view your customized, contextually-relevant intelligence. It is not about the device you use.  SignPost delivers anytime, anywhere as long as you can connect to the internet. Laptops, desktops, tablets, thin clients, smartphones…the cloud’s the limit.

To discuss this convenient cloud-based intelligence solution, contact us at sales@appliedtech.pro or call 636.274.8000 to discuss your business requirements with one of our Account Mangers or Practice Leaders.

SignPost is a Sales Mark of Applied Technologies Company. All Rights Reserved. 

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