Powering digital transformation for Manufacturing

Uniquely positioned to integrate your plant floor and corporate office networks.

We understand the language of manufacturing and bridge operational and technical gaps to bring disparate groups together to execute a new unified vision. We offer more than 30 years’ experience in industrial environments and information technology.

Your business is dependent on continuously streamlining manufacturing processes and procedures, limiting downtime and ensuring maximum uptime, efficiency and productivity. Your technology infrastructure – seamless connectivity between your shop floor and top floor data can make all the difference in a highly competitive manufacturing landscape.

We help solve common manufacturing challenges:

  • Integrate shop-floor and top-floor applications
  • Eliminate single points of failure
  • Implement quick recovery from failure
  • Address external and internal security threats
  • Achieve real-time operational visibility
  • Improve remote accessibility to production data and metrics

We’re experienced in delivering secure, dynamic and scalable solutions for the manufacturing industry. Ultimately, we design, develop and implement state of the art infrastructure solutions by focusing on your unique business challenges.

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Smart Manufacturing

Make Your Smart Manufacturing Initiatives Even Smarter

Selecting the right partner for your Network Services is a crucial choice. Without one, your manufacturing network can become the sticking point for the rest of your business, leaving the IT and OT sides of your network poorly connected and your network open to threats.  It’s not just a matter of finding an IT company, […]

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Virtualization Benefits in Manufacturing

Virtualization is the next step forward in plant environments to minimize server downtime and increase ROI.  Traditional servers have numerous single points of failure.  Having servers without virtualization can be costly and inefficient PCs and HMIs are prone to failure and can take considerable time to recover with can further reduce OEE.  While virtualization has […]

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Why Perform a Network Assessment?

There are many circumstances that can drive a company to need to assess their network devices, topology, connectivity and security posture. Some of most common are: General Inventory: Organization grow over time, acquire other companies. Many times, devices are often added on the fly and configured ad hoc to get things working. In these situations, […]

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