We’re uniquely positioned to help distribution and wholesaling organizations meet their digital transformation challenges.


As manufacturers consolidate and improve logistics, they are considering both the advantages/disadvantages of selling direct. Therefore, distribution who occupy the middle position in the supply chain, must continue to differentiate themselves by providing high-value to their manufacturer partners.


To achieve this distribution must remain highly efficient in managing inventory, automating warehouse processes and procedures, maintaining data integrity and uptime, meeting customer delivery requirements through faster fulfillment, adapting to price changes, improving their online eCommerce presence, and streamlining pre and post-sale services and support. To achieve this, many distribution/wholesale companies are investing in technology to adapt quicker to changing business requirements and increased manufacturer demand.

Experienced in Distribution Environments
Applied Technologies is experienced in delivering secure, dynamic and scalable solutions to the distribution industry. We help distribution increase efficiency and eliminate waste. We design, develop and implement state of the art infrastructure solutions by focusing on your unique business challenges.

Solving today’s problems…
• Increased operational efficiency
• Improved uptime of critical business systems
• Enhanced profitability connecting people and processes
• Faster access to real-time inventory levels
• Eliminate single points of failure
• Quick recovery from failure
• Security from external and internal threats (access control)
• Achieve real-time operational visibility

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