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At Applied Technologies, a division of Agilix Solutions, our expert team is dedicated to harnessing the power of Cisco solutions to safeguard, grow, and innovate for your business.

Experience the robust protection of Ciscoʼs multi-factor authentication and cloud-based security with Duo and Umbrella, customized by our team for your unique business needs. Additionally, we utilize Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and Identity Services Engine (ISE) to enhance your network’s functionality and security. Cisco DNA simplifies network management and optimizes performance through automation, while Cisco ISE offers centralized control over network access policies, ensuring secure connections and compliance across all devices.

Dive into the world of advanced threat detection with Cisco’s Threat Defense and Cyber Vision, tailored by Applied Technologies to offer you unrivaled visibility and control, safeguarding your operational efficiency. With Cisco Secure Equipment Access (SEA) and Secure Firewalls, we provide a secure, scalable environment for your OT assets.

Leverage our deep understanding of Ciscoʼs data center solutions to streamline and secure your IT environments. Applied Technologies uses Cisco networking solutions to design a secure, adaptable foundation for your business, no matter where your team operates.

Our team brings Ciscoʼs Industry 4.0 solutions to life, personalizing your industrial networks for greater efficiency and innovation. We blend Ciscoʼs technology with our insights to revolutionize your manufacturing processes.

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