Case Study #2001

Manufacturing & Distribution

Plant Virtualization & Industrial Data Center
Beverage Production


The client was having difficulty administering and maintaining disparate servers, networks and HMIs throughout the plant. Production cells utilized a broad range of operating systems and communication protocols, with little to no redundancy, resiliency or standardization. The combination of these factors resulted in production outages while creating significant challenges for consistent supportability.

We designed and implemented a Plant Virtualization & Industrial Data Center solution that unified the disparate point-solutions by standardizing, consolidating, and relocating servers into a secure, redundant, controlled environment. HMI’s, servers and applications were fully virtualized.

By introducing a standardized, highly scalable, fault-tolerant architecture, this solution yielded significant positive impacts to production, profitability, and supportability. Operational support was greatly improved, single points of failure were removed, and new applications and updates are now deployed in minutes. Recovery from failure reduced from hours and days to seconds and minutes.