Case Study #1803

Hospitality & Gaming

Unified Wireless Network
Race Track & Gaming


Our client needed a wireless solution to support their entire horse track and gaming property. The solution needed to support many user constituents including: guests, mobile wagering, technician dispatch, warehouse management and corporate users. Key business requirements included data / access security, ability to support significant peaks of guest users, ability to add new applications on-demand, and need to maintain the interior design aesthetics by hiding wireless access points.

We designed and implemented a Unified Wireless architecture with segmented VLANs to support each business unit and constituent group. We worked hand-in-hand with the Interior Design team and Contractor to ensure all wireless access points were not visible to guests.

The Unified Wireless architecture enables all users to access a single robust, secure wireless network from anywhere on this sprawling property with no degradation in service. The design of the solution enables the various business units to quickly and easily add new applications with absolutely no infrastructure redesign as network administration and management is greatly simplified through a single portal.