Case Study #1901

Commercial / Enterprise

Unified, Virtualized Data Center
Financial Services


The client had an aging SAN and Fiber Channel infrastructure which challenged the IT staff to deliver reliable services at performance levels necessary to support their line of business applications. This further resulted in inter-departmental strain, as multiple business unit leaders were openly concerned with the delivery of IT services.

We were able to design and implement a targeted infrastructure refresh which included NetApp FAS3220 running Clustered DataOnTap along with 10G networking.

The solution provided immediate relief from the core issues of performance and reliability, restoring their world-class customer experience and the internal agility and responsiveness required by their leadership. By implementing NetApp’s Clustered DataOnTap the client was able to use SMB 3.0 shares in their Microsoft Hyper-V environment. The ease of creating SMB shares made provisioning and adding new storage to Hyper-V environments a snap. By implementing a 10G network, bandwidth (and subsequent performance) was no longer an issue across the entire organization.