Case Study #2003

Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing Intelligence
Nonferrous Metals


The Client had no real-time visibility into overall production as the operational facility was segmented into multiple free-standing buildings spread over an expansive campus. The Client wanted Engineering Operations personnel to have relevant, real-time insight into the status of all production cells regardless of physical location.

We deployed our Manufacturing Intelligence solution, SignPost, to provide Engineering Operations users with a simple portal that provides information for each process cell, including: detailed operational status, trending analysis and alarms. SignPost tapped into data from a number of automation systems, including the core MES, and then compiled and normalized the data into graphical displays that were easy to digest and relevant to the user’s role within the organization. Users in various roles (executives, leadership, plant operations, engineers, line operators, etc.) simply sign into the SignPost portal from any connected device, and information is instantly available – from high-level views to varying degrees of detail.

Leadership and contributors across the organization now have instant access to status and information and are able to monitor production operations. They can identify trends which result in better decision making and proactive actions. They are now able to identify problem trends, signaling the need for action before events become dire and result in production loss or downtime.