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Partnering with Brivo, we help customers with physical access control, video surveillance, and mobile credentials for commercial buildings.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at 636.274.8000 or

Brivo is the original innovator of cloud-based physical security solutions for commercial buildings. Currently serving over ten million users, Brivo offers a unified security platform including access control, mobile credentials, mobile administration, video surveillance, identity federation, visitor management, and elevator control. As a SaaS company, Brivo also offers a complete API platform service that empowers partners to build custom integrations and vertical market offerings. Our mission is to make the world a safer place by providing a subscription-based service for securing buildings using reliable, convenient, scalable, cyber-hardened technology.

Brivo Onair®, their flagship product, allows you to monitor, manage and control your facilities in real-time from anywhere. Customers use their platform to secure buildings inexpensively with minimal hardware and only an internet connection. Brivo Onair provides hosted entry control, video and ID badging for unlimited sites, devices and doors. You don’t have to cover the high costs of deploying or managing IT infrastructure or software, that is delivered through the cloud.



The enforcement of how an individual gains access to and from a building, property or any other facility. This is done by giving individuals credentials (cards, fobs, fingerprint, mobile), which identifies the individual, and in turn, authorizes if they have permission to gain entry.

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The components of SaaS, digital cloud, hosted server and remote access are all brought together in the innovative platform of the Brivo Onair solution. Imagine using the same storage you pay for on other cloud platforms (downloading mp3s, watching movies, storing bank data, etc.) for one of the most important necessities: physical security.

Brivo Onair, lets you get what you need, when you need, and how you need it. The system allows you to monitor who wants access to your facility right from the screen of your tablet or smartphone. What’s more, as cloud technology is integrated, it is enabled to work with the installed hardware, which recognizes keyless access (fobs, cards, fingerprints, etc.). Whether unlocking the office door while traveling outside the country, checking a security event from eight weeks prior, or being notified on your phone of an entry attempt after hours, this information is available on any of your devices.


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