Uniquely positioned to integrate your plant floor and corporate office networks.


We understand the language of manufacturing and bridge operational and technical gaps – to bring disparate groups together to execute a new unified vision. We offer more than 30 years’ experience in industrial environments and information technology.


Experienced in Industrial Environments
Your business is dependent on continuously streamlining manufacturing processes and procedures, limiting downtime and ensuring maximum uptime, efficiency and productivity. Your technology infrastructure – seamless connectivity between your shop floor and top floor data – can make all the difference – in a highly competitive manufacturing landscape.

We’re experienced in delivering secure, dynamic and scalable solutions for your industry. Ultimately, we design, develop and implement state of the art infrastructure solutions by focusing on your unique business challenges.

Solving today’s problems…
• Integrate shop-floor and top-floor applications
• Eliminate single points of failure
• Implement quick recovery from failure
• Address external and internal security threats
• Achieve real-time operational visibility
• Improve remote accessibility to production data and metrics

It’s About Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality
World Class manufacturers board an OEE of 80% and above. These organizations are aggressive, proactive and look to apply new ideas that have high net benefit as they adopt and integrated value chain. Manufacturing is constantly evolving, and we need to imagine better ways of doing things, exchange best practices and innovation and face our challenges with all the resources at our disposal.

Average OEE looks like this:
65% – The percentage of planned production time that is truly productive
35% – So, 35% of the time no product is being produced.

Our Credentials


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