Case Study

Hospitality & Gaming #1802

Unified Data Center


The client needed a robust, agile, scalable, easily-managed data center infrastructure to support the processing and performance requirements for multiple business units (Gaming and Back-of-House), while accommodating a 5-year growth plan. Additionally, this data center needed to be managed and administered from a remote location with limited reliance on local IT staff.

We designed and implemented a Unified Data Center solution to provide highly fault-tolerant, scalable and agile compute and storage capabilities to all business units with distinct and secure operational segmentation. This state-of-the-art Flexpod solution included a fully-integrated Cisco, NetApp, and VMware solution architecture.

This Unified Data Center solution provides a holistic architecture that provides separate and secure storage and processing for each business unit, is highly available and enables remote staff to easily provision new physical and virtual servers. This combination of security, ease of use, and scalability ensures that the business can quickly and securely adapt to nearly any opportunity.