Case Study #1801

Hospitality & Gaming

Ethernet Gaming Floor Conversion
Floating Casino


Our client needed to convert from a serial communications infrastructure to a high-speed Ethernet solution in order to provide services that would enhance the experience of their guests. As gaming contributes the most significant portion of their revenues, the resulting infrastructure needed to be highly fault-tolerant, scalable, and secure. Looking to the future, our client also desired an infrastructure that would serve as the foundation for a Unified Communications strategy and scale easily for future growth.

We designed and implemented a new fiber-optic cable infrastructure and a robust Unified Network with redundant uplinks, enterprise-class switches and highly available firewalls. Throughout the effort we worked hand-in-hand with multiple business units and the customer’s gaming systems providers to ensure minimal impact to gaming operations.

The solution provided a robust communications architecture to support current requirements and future growth. The new architecture provides a single unified platform for the entire organization which is extremely fault-tolerant, has zero single points of failure, is secure from internal and external threats and can be quickly scaled and adapted for new business opportunities and marketing campaigns. Within the unified architecture, the key business units (including gaming and back-of-house operations) have highly segmented and secure sub-networks. A significant portion of the solution was funded by additional revenues gained by significantly enhancing the overall guest experience.