Make Your Smart Manufacturing Initiatives Even Smarter

Selecting the right partner for your Network Services is a crucial choice. Without one, your manufacturing network can become the sticking point for the rest of your business, leaving the IT and OT sides of your network poorly connected and your network open to threats.  It’s not just a matter of finding an IT company, […]

Going Beyond Video Security with Bosch

The importance of video security cannot be understated in the current technology landscape.  That’s why Applied Technologies has partnered with Bosch to not only help companies meet their security requirements, but to go beyond video security to increase ROI and improve efficiencies. Why physical security is important When it comes to network security, are you […]

Virtualization Benefits in Manufacturing

Virtualization is the next step forward in plant environments to minimize server downtime and increase ROI.  Traditional servers have numerous single points of failure.  Having servers without virtualization can be costly and inefficient PCs and HMIs are prone to failure and can take considerable time to recover with can further reduce OEE.  While virtualization has […]

Network Technology Summit Review

Did you attend our recent Network Technology Summit? If you didn’t have the opportunity to join us, or if you did and could use a refresher, we’re creating a two-part blog series to recap what we and our manufacturing partners covered!  This comprehensive, day-long session reviewed best practices for business systems improvements, equipment upgrades, cost […]

End of Support for Windows 7 and Several Windows Server Versions

Everything has a lifespan, and technology is no different.  Software companies constantly develop new and improved versions of their products to address the ever-changing needs of users and to combat security threats, building in features and functionality for ease-of use, collaboration and mobility.  As new programs are released, older versions are set for sunsetting, which […]

Managed Services Help Solve IT and Business Challenges

Every day, IT professionals face a difficult balancing act. They must focus on planning and deploying technologies to optimize corporate growth and profitability, while at the same time manage the challenge of operating and optimizing highly-complex, integrated, multi- vendor, multi-platform environments. Managed Services can be a viable tool to help you achieve the right balance […]

How to Implement Successful Connected Enterprise Strategy to Enable Smart Manufacturing

“If you build it, they will come.” That famous movie line sticks in the minds of many.  While it was an inspirational message for building Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams, it’s not an ideal approach for finding success with your smart manufacturing strategy.  Perhaps this is why a large number of these types of initiatives […]

Applied Technologies and the Digital Transformation

We often hear that we live in a data-driven society.  Platforms like Google and Facebook collect our information, and retailers like Amazon and Walmart know our shopping habits and preferences. Some consider it an invasion of privacy, while others see it as a convenience.  Regardless of an individual’s position on the issue, data is king […]