Simplify and Upgrade Your Contact Center Capabilities with a CCaaS Solution

How much time and resources does your organization spend to manage, patch, upgrade and support your Cisco contact center? In this article, we’ll explain how Applied Technologies partners with New Era Technology to deploy contact-center-as-a-service (CCaaS) solutions to help customers cost-effectively offload operational burdens and dedicate important resources toward driving business outcomes. Challenges Maintaining a […]

Six Things to Consider When Selecting an SD-WAN Solution

Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions are quickly gaining traction as a preferred way to connect users to their applications. And for good reason. As companies rely more and more on cloud-based applications and the internet, historic WAN architecture that sent traffic from branch locations to a data center at company headquarters no longer makes […]

Three Reasons to Upgrade Your School Security Cameras

From an elementary school laying the basic foundation of lifelong development to a university where the next generation of leaders is preparing to make their impact on the world, the primary focus of every educational campus is to provide an environment for learning. To create that environment, there are a number of basic needs that […]

French Gerleman, Parent Company of Applied Technologies, Merges with IAC Supply Solutions

July 1, 2021: ST. LOUIS, MO – Applied Technologies, a St. Louis-based provider of advanced technology system integration solutions, has announced that parent company French Gerleman has merged with Memphis-based IAC Supply Solutions to create a $250 million industrial automation and electrical supply distributor. The combined company will operate under the name Agilix Solutions, and […]

Scaling Infrastructure in the Cloud: Scale Up or Scale Out?

One of the most attractive benefits of cloud computing for companies is the ability to scale their IT infrastructure.  Scaling, in the context of the cloud, refers to a company’s ability to adapt its IT resources to meet changing demand.  The cloud allows companies to scale data storage, networking, and processing power using their existing […]

The Five Biggest Business Benefits of Utilizing SD-WAN

For many years, traditional wide area network (WAN) technology has been the standard for IT, voice, and data networking in organizations of all kinds. WANs connect local area networks in multiple office locations together through routers and virtual private networks. As the demand for cloud activity in business has increased traditional WANs have struggled to […]

Is it Time to Upgrade Your School’s Security System?

Over the past two decades, there’s been an evolution in the role of school district technology directors and their teams. School technology teams today find themselves responsible for installing and maintaining systems and software, managing complex networks, and performing help desk duties. As the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a standard in schools, IT […]

Strategic Network Design: When Good Enough isn’t Good Enough Anymore

In most manufacturing facilities, there is a point person everyone turns to for their shop floor network needs. When a new device needs to be plugged in, a change needs to be made, or a problem is encountered, they rely on their de facto architect and keeper of the Frankenstein Network. For the purposes of […]

Propel Your Business into the Future with a Network Assessment from Applied Technologies

Most of us are familiar with the story of Dr. Frankenstein, a determined young chemist who brings a creature to life that’s not quite what he intended to create. While his intentions were good, the ultimate reality of his creation brought a host of unintended consequences.  At Applied Technologies, we’re often reminded of Dr. Frankenstein […]

NetApp HCI Meets Public Clouds to Simplify Storage and Processing

In order to compete in today’s business environment, companies strive to identify ways to simplify processes to create efficiencies and speed up their go-to-market time.  While there are many process and technology enhancements that can contribute, there is a fundamental way that organizations of all types and sizes can change the way they approach their […]

Helping Customers Adapt to a Remote Workforce Environment

Applied Technologies is available and ready to help your organization support business continuity during these challenging and unprecedented times. As many companies move to a remote workforce environment, in response to social distancing guidelines and requirements, it is important for employers to keep remote workers secure, connected and productive. While Coronavirus (COVID-19) remains a threat, […]